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Rewatch/discussion starting this weekend! [19 Sep 2014|06:14pm]

Calling all Jack Davenport fans! We’re going to rewatch/discuss a bunch of Jack’s stuff, starting with Ultraviolet, The Talented Mr Ripley, and Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

Ultraviolet is a six-part BBC miniseries starring Jack Davenport, Idris Elba and Susannah Harker. Join us for the rewatch hosted at amerally’s LJ—the discussion post for episode 1 will be up on September 20th!
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A little bit of Jack [26 Jan 2012|12:26am]

Go team Derek!!!!

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Smash pilot in youtube without country restrictions :) [23 Jan 2012|07:31pm]

For us who lives outside the US, thanxs NBC :)

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Jack's Twitter account??? [11 Nov 2011|09:40am]


Is this real?? What do you think??

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[08 Nov 2011|01:03am]

I had and awfull day, so i'm sleepless...the good new is that i have time to search for more Jack's new photos.

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[07 Nov 2011|03:59pm]

Hello dear friends...i hope you all are well. Yesterday Jack and the cast of Smash were in a Broadway event. I share with you the photos i could find. =)

<lj-cut text="New Jack">

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2 Animated Icons [19 Sep 2011|08:42pm]

Hi all, just thought I'd share these icons I made from the Snow Patrol video.
Sorry they're not very well animated ^_^

Please comment & credit would be appreciated :)
Photobucket Photobucket
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Huzzah! Norrington fic fest! [26 Aug 2011|11:12pm]

If that's not a fantastic idea for us Norrington-lovers, then I don't know what is.

There's a Norrington fic fest!


I'll try my best to fill in a prompt or two myself.

Go go go! Prompt prompt prompt! Write write write!

And, of course: read read read!
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Jack Davenport featured in the new "Snow Patrol" music video! [16 Aug 2011|03:25pm]

Anybody asking "who?" now – Snow Patrol are a pretty neat band from Northern Ireland. It’s a wicked ton of fun to see Jack Davenport in their new “Called Out in the Dark” music vid – rock on, Sparky, rock on!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (7 Disc Blu-ray set) on sale for $32.99 [04 Jun 2011|09:10pm]

Today only, the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (Seven-Disc Blu-ray) set is on sale for $32.99 at Amazon (tomorrow it goes back up to $49.99). I think it goes without saying how great these movies are and what a great deal this set is. I picked one up for myself and one for my dad since Father's Day is right around the corner.
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Unofficial Jack Davenport on tumblr [03 Jun 2011|01:05pm]

The Unofficial Jack Davenport Website can now also be found on tumblr:

Unofficial Jack Davenport Website

Have fun! :)
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Mother's Milk: preview screening [24 Apr 2011|08:42am]

According to this, the movie Mother's Milk will be presented the 31 may during the Hay Festival.  Nothing about a release after that but that's something at least.
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A new series for Jack? [13 Feb 2011|04:37pm]

News at last!


Seems good, no? Wait and see!
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Swingtown in Scotland [10 Sep 2010|07:51pm]

It's not showing on STV although I have emailed the company and they say they have plans to show it at some time in the future.

However for those of us with Freeview: Swingtown is repeated on ITV3 (which is on Freeview in Scotland) late sat night/early sun morning about 1am, starting this Saturday 11th September.
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Swingtown comes to the UK [03 Sep 2010|07:50pm]

This might only be relevant to UK TV viewers, but the sexy drama Swingtown that Jack starred in, in 2008 is coming to british TV! It will be starting on ITV1 on Tuesday 7th September 2010 @ 10.35pm. Haven't seen any adverts for it on ITV yet, but heard through Radio Times.

So glad it's come to our screens, I found out about it last year and watched all the eps via the net on various streaming sites. But now I can watch it in all its glory on TV :-D

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Jack New pics [24 Aug 2010|12:04am]

Thanks to Lulu i found this pics of Jack at the Stephen Moyer Wedding yesterday. He looks great in his gray suit again....oh and there's one of Michelle too   :D

MoreCollapse )
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Death Knight Love Story [22 Aug 2010|06:51pm]


I found this:

No Jack in the flesh, alas, but news at last!
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Jack does another VO [31 May 2010|10:47pm]

I stumbled upon this commercial for the new LG Infinia range of LED TVs.
Our man, Jack does the Voiceover:


Sorry if this is old news, I just discovered it today.

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Another ad voiceover? [04 May 2010|09:38am]

On UK GMTV this morning in an advertisement for laser eye surgery by Optimax? Can anyone else confirm please?

MTA: As soon as I had posted this an advertisement for Optimax appeared in a banner at the top of the LJ page - seems it is an American company so maybe the ad is showing in the States as well.
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