zakath_nath (zakath_nath) wrote in jackdav,

A new series for Jack?

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Deleted comment

I hope this too!

It seems that Mother's Milk will be released in spring 2011 (in UK at least):
Kind of more thrilled that Jack's going to be in something with Megan Hilty than that he's got a new show... Thanks for sharing!
You're welcome :-)
That's great news (at least for us JackDav fans in the U.S.) =)! Maybe the third time will be the charm, eh (read, this show won't have one season, then be canceled, like Swingtown and FlashForward were) :]? Thanks for sharing :)!
I hope it will be a success too, but I don't know if this kind of series can last for a long time.
Very true. *Nods* There's only so much mileage you can get out of a non-reality TV show in which the focus is the process of putting a live show, whether a play, or in this case, a musical, on stage. One example that comes to mind is this show that used to air on the "Bravo" channel, called Slings And Arrows. It was about this small theatre company trying to get a production of one of Shakespeare's plays on stage, while at the same time, struggling with both its members' personal issues and the company's money problems. I loved the show to bits, but I don't think it even ran for what's considered a full season in either the UK or the U.S., or if it did, it was never renewed :[.

We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed and hope that, like I said in my original post, the third time's the charm :].